1st Workshop on Global challenges and the role of science, technology, and diplomacy

The 1st Workshop on Global challenges and the role of science, technology and diplomacy has been held at the Centre for Defense Higher Studies (CASD), in the magnificent Palazzo Salviati building, Piazza della Rovere, 83, Rome – Tuesday 8th to Wednesday 9th of November 2022
The the workshop, promoted by the Centre for Defense Higher Studies (CASD) and a team of ISIS@MACH ITALIA Research Infrastructure, focus on Global challenges and the role of Science Diplomacy with particular focus on Large Scale Facilities (LSFs) and Medium Range Facilities (MRFs). In this context, diplomacy continue to foster international scientific cooperation, e. g. negotiating personnel exchange programs and designing inter-governmental agreements needed for building and running LSFs and MRFs in the global landscape. On the other hand, science facilitates the establishment of constructive diplomatic relationships through academic exchange, sharing of common goals, the transfer of know-how, and the promotion of capacity-building.
Scope of the meeting was to identify common actions and projects to build up novel collaborative strategies between Medium and Large Scale Facilities. To this aim parallel sessions (WGs), inspired by Horizon Europe Clusters, were addressed to identify new collaboration projects among LSFs, MRFs and academia with focus on Health; Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society; Digital, Industry and Space (Cyber, security); Climate, Energy and Mobility; Food, Bio-economy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment; Diplomacy, Management and International regulatory issues in research infrastructure including cyber security:
  • WG1 – Life Science – coordinators: Emiliano Fratini, Luigi Ambrosio
  • WG2 – Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society – coordinators: Emiliano Fratini, Enrico Ferraris, Luigi Ambrosio
  • WG3 – Digital, Industry and Space (Cyber, security) – coordinators: Chris Frost, Giuseppe Gorini, Roberto Senesi, Carlo Roatta;
  • WG4 – Climate, Energy and Mobility – coordinators: Fabio Madonna ,Claudio Greco, Massimo Bonini
  • WG5 – Training – coordinators: Ilda Mannino, Gualtiero Iacono, Sara Morisani
  • WG6 – Management and International Agreements related to Research Infrastructures – coordinators: David Burigana, Silvia Organtini
  • WG7 – Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment – coordinators: Carla Andreani, Vincenzo Fogliano, Francesca Ridi


Science Highlights

Testing the resilience of electronics for the Internet of Things

Building a catalogue of amino acid neutron scattering interactions

Investigating hydration in ancient Egyptian leathers

Recreating the deepest point on Earth

The science behind extra virgin olive oil’s antioxidant properties

Deterioration of ancient Egyptian sandals