A successful collaboration – Prof Maria Chiara Carrozza, President of the CNR, Italy, visits ISIS

On 24 February 2022 ISIS welcomed President of the CNR, Italy, as one of the facility’s longest collaborations.


​Professor Roberto Buizza – Scientific Attachè, Italian Embassy in London, Dr Giuseppe Colpani – D​​irector General, ​Dr Virginia Coda Nunziante – CNR Director for International Relations, Mark Thompson – STFC, Professor Maria Chiara Carrozza – President of CNR, Professor Paulo Radaelli – Oxford, Dr Stefano Fabris – Director of the “Istituto Officina dei Materiali” CNR-IOM, Trieste, Italy, ​Professor Carla Andreani – University of Rome Tor Vergata, Dr.Corrado Spinella– Dept. Director, Physical Sciences and Materials Technologies​


​The collaboration between CNR and ISIS is long and productive, covering a broad range of research and instrument development, with the most recent agreement signed in Autumn 2021. Part of this is the ISIS@MACH partnership​, a new Research Infrastructure based in Italy in the Region Lazio. A new proposal has been developed to extend this, providing additional access with a focus on SMEs (small to medium enterprises), capitalising on the potential of neutrons to support post-COVID recovery.


ISIS is developing a new instrument programme, Endeavour, and has long term plans for a new facility, ISIS-II.  We hope Italy will continue to be partners in these projects, given the significant contri​bution the collaboration has made, encompassing both research and instrument development.​


The CNR President was in the UK to present reforms to Italian research in the framework of ‘Horizon Europe’ and the Recovery and Resilience Plan – more here​.​


Science Highlights

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