AFM Raman with Optical Profiler

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Key instrumentation
Tip-Enhanced Raman& PL spectroscopy Horiba - TERS/TEPL

The Raman Spectrometer XploRA Plus is a compact and fully automated micro-spectrometer using vibrational Raman spectroscopy and an AFM for combined Raman-AFM and TERS. The operation modes combine confocal Raman, fluorescence, and photoluminescence imaging and spectroscopy through external manipulators and probes. The optical profiling microscope (Z20 by ZETA Instruments) is an ancillary equipment that can be used for optical profiling of any type of surface and light signal. It provides 3D metrology and imaging capability in a compact, robust package, which simultaneously collects high-resolution 3D data and a True Color infinite focus image.

Technical description
The RAMAN Microscope includes 3 internal lasers (532, 638, and 785 nm) combined with 12 density filter levels and 4 gratings (600, 1200, 1800, and 2400 g/mm) to cover all the UV-Vis range with maximum resolution. The wavelength range covers from 75 up to 4000 cm-1. Experiments can be run either in the microscopy configuration or the AFM configuration, with the laser being directed toward two distinct sample positions. The ancillary optical profilometer is characterized by an XY stage of dimensions 100x100 mm, with standard motion along the Z direction, magnifications between 5x and 100x, with fields of view between 20mm and 1mm, respectively. The profilometer features a multi-mode CCD camera (5MPixels).
Research areas and applications

Nanostructured materials characterization; spatial characterizations; 3D Raman imaging; polymers; pharmaceuticals; gem investigation and mineral phases. Characterization of composite materials, solar cells, LAB on Chip, MEMS e MicroFluidica, robotics and microelectronics (3D metrology and in semiconductors).

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Instrument Scientist
  • Laura Fazi
  • NAST Centre - University of Rome Tor Vergata
  • PostDoc