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AFM Nanowizard II - JPK-Bruker

The Nanowizard II – JPK-Bruker is designed for biological samples. It is equipped with a Zeiss fluorescence microscope and it is used for high resolution imaging and nanomechanical characterization.

Technical description
The AFM Nanowizard II - JPK-Bruker is optimal for soft material (live cells, cell membranes, biomaterials) investigations as well as force spectroscopy studies (ligand binding, protein unfolding and cell adhesion). It allows high-resolution images and force measurements both in air and fluid environment. The NanoWizard II is coupled with a Zeiss inverted microscope with Colibrì lamp source for wide spectral fluorescence excitation (365 nm, 470 nm, 590 nm). and it can allow for DirectOverlay™ of AFM and optics images. It has a large scan field (100x100 µm^2) and a 15 µm Z scan range with highest closed loop performance through capacitive sensors. It allow for Patented DirectOverlay™ software feature for combining AFM and optical images distortion free.
Research areas and applications

Characterization of morphology of single filament of DNA and single cells, nanomechanics of single cells and biological materials, single molecule protein unfolding.

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