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SEM with field-emission source

Scanning electron microscope with field-emission source, equipped with detectoirs for EDS, backscattered and secondary electrons

Technical description
Zeiss Sigma scanning electron microscope with field-emission source, equipped with a GEMINI column and In-Lens detector, allowing the aquisition of high-resolution images on both conducting and non-conducting samples. The microscope is equipped with X-ray detectors (EDS), backscattering (BSE) and secondary electrons (SE). The X-ray detection system is from Oxford Instruments and, in addition to conventional X-ray analysis capabilities, produces high-resolution maps of the electron emission. This instrument is especially well-suited for samples with poor electronic contrast and that cannot be chemically modified or coated, as it allows the the use of very low accelerating voltages (as low as 100 V).
Research areas and applications

Thanks to its flexibility, the Zeiss Sigma microscope finds many applications in the investigation of morphology and chemical composition of solids, also without metal coatings or chemical treatments. Materials Science (polymers, fibers, semiconductors, metals, alloys,…), life sciences (micro- and nanostructure of microrganisms, bones, prosthesis,…), geosciences and natural resources (rocks, minerals,…) and, more generally, industrial applications (such as in the case of powders) are some examples.

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