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Fabrication/3D Printer

Selective laser sintering 3D printer

Technical description
Selective laser sintering 3D printer capable of process a wide range of materials including thermoplastic polymer and composites. The main features of the machine are: CO2 Laser Power 14W, laser spot dimension 0,3 mm, temperature range up to 190 C° degrees, laser speed range up 3.500 mm sec, tank powder from 200 gr to 1.5 Kg.
Research areas and applications

Thanks to its versatility and its accessories, the SEM FEI is very useful for the characterization in high vacuum, low vacuum and extended low vacuum (ESEM) conditions of inorganic, organic and biological materials through morphological analysis using different detectors and elemental analysis and mapping. The accessory for in-SEM mechanical analysis of samples is also available.

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