X-Ray Diffractometer

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Rigaku SmartLab SE

Rigaku SmartLab SE is an X-ray powder diffractometer for crystalline powders and thin films. It is equipped with automatic alignment and a chamber for performing experiments under non- ambient experiments. Powder X-ray diffraction patterns under inert conditions up to 1 bar or under vacuum in the temperature range between 220 K to 500 K can be carried out.

Technical description
Rigaku SmartLab SE features SmartLab Studio II software based on a new architecturally integrated modular platform; Cross-beam optics module switches between Bragg-Brentano and parallel beam without the need to change optics; HyPix-400 2D detector enabling seamless switch between 0D, 1D and 2D detection mode depending on application type; D/teX Ultra 250 1D detector accelerates powder diffraction by a factor of 250 in speed and provides adjustable energy resolution of approximately 20% or 4% depending on sample type; Integrated intelligent Guidance software enables fully automated measurement including optics and sample alignment; and Self-aligned optics maximize instrument uptime and minimize cost of ownership.
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Thin Films, Materials Science, Engineering

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